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Ex-Jets Scout: New York Must Trade For Deebo Samuel

This former Jets scout implores New York to trade for Deebo Samuel, taking this offense to the next level.

I love Deebo Samuel.

As a former Jets’ scout, New York needs to do everything in their power to make a trade for the disgruntled 49ers’ superstar.

If San Francisco does not want to show Samuel the financial appreciation his performance demands, then New York needs to.

That is my message to Jets’ ownership.

Last season alone as a receiver, Samuel hauled in 77 receptions (121 targets), 1,405 yards (ranked fifth), with a long of 83 yards and six touchdowns through the air.

That is not all.

Samuel also added 59 carries as a rusher for 365 yards (6.2 avg.) and another 8 touchdowns.

That is 1,770 combined yards and 14 touchdowns for this “wide back,” as he has been called (the guy is so good they came up with a new name for a position).

As the MVP of San Francisco’s offense in 2021, Samuel rebounded nicely (played in 19/20 games) from injuries that caused him to miss playing time in previous seasons (Deebo is predicted to miss 2.70 games in 2022 due to injury by

Samuel can do it all. He can line up at wide receiver, as a running back and at tight-end. He can even return kicks when called upon. Samuel is a pure football player who could have played in any era, even back when they wore leather helmets.

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Have the stars aligned perfectly for the Jets?

Here are the factors to consider:

  1. Samuel has scrubbed the 49ers off of his social media.
  2. Samuel has asked to become the highest paid non-quarterback in the NFL after receivers Devante Adams, Tyreke Hill and Stefon Diggs all scored huge deals.
  3. Jets’ Head Coach Robert Saleh used to be 49ers’ Head Coach Kyle Shanahan’s Defensive Coordinator.
  4. The Jets have two first-round, two second-round and two fourth-round picks in the upcoming draft. The 49ers do not have a first-round pick this year or next year, due to the trade they made last year so they could move up to select Trey Lance.
  5. Jets’ quarterback Zach Wilson desperately needs an explosive offensive weapon who can gain additional yardage after short passes and who can better adjust to his deep ball.
  6. The Jets must do something like this if they have any hope of being competitive in the AFC East this season.

All factors equal win-win for both organizations.

What would a possible deal look like?

It might look similar to what Miami gave up for Hill. The Dolphins’ sent a first, second and fourth round selection in 2022. Plus, fourth and sixth round picks in 2023 to the Chiefs.

Is it worth it?

In a heartbeat.

San Francisco 49ers WR Deebo Samuel runs after catch
San Francisco 49ers WR Deebo Samuel runs with football
San Francisco 49ers WR Deebo Samuel runs with football

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