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Why the Jets Should Trade For Eagles' OT Andre Dillard

This former Jets scout explains why New York should trade for Philadelphia's offensive tackle Andre Dillard this offseason.

As the Jets are closing in on the start of training camp next month, there is still time to patch up the roster where it needs patching. 

Trading for a quality offensive tackle has got to be the number one priority for Jets’ General Manager Joe Douglas right now.

It is time to sound the alarm and pick up the red phone and make a deal.

Eagles’ OT Andre Dillard is said to be available, and he is exactly what the Jets need. 

New York needs insurance and from reports, Dillard is the odd man out with the Philadelphia. 

The Eagles are also Douglas’ old employer, so this deal would make the most sense from a relationship standpoint as well. 

What would the Jets have to give up for Dillard? 

Whatever it is, it is worth it with the future health of quarterback Zach Wilson hanging in the balance. Wilson was pounded last season as the third most sacked passer in the NFL (44 sacks), and his body is not likely to withstand a carbon copy of last season’s punishment.

The two starting tackles, Mekhi Becton and George Fant are anything but a lock. Both are coming off knee surgeries. 

Becton has been anything but dependable and Fant could hold out for an extension. 

Making a trade for Dillard gives the Jets the kind of insurance they need, plus it would give Douglas leverage with Fant.

Dillard is better than Fant on game film. 

At least the Jets would have a plan if the worst case scenario happens. Dillard could start on the left side of the line and rookie Max Mitchell could give it a go on the right side. 

To do nothing is not a viable plan. It would be completely and utterly irresponsible from a high level management position. 

Nobody can take a QB that high in the draft and not have a plan of protection in place. 

Nobody can draft Wilson, and think the best option is to go with two tackles coming off knee surgeries while keeping their fingers crossed. 

Nobody can have a bunch of inexperienced and/or unproven backups as the plan. 

Not if they want to win and not with the schedule of big-time pass rushers the Jets will soon be facing. 

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Becton refuses to even disclose his weight and mocks everyone in his “Big Bust” t-shirt from the podium like this is some kind of a joke. 

Nobody is laughing. 

There’s reported speculation out there he could be pushing 400 pounds. 

The Jets need Dillard. 

All the good work Douglas has done could all come crashing down like a house of cards if this is not addressed. 

Grading Andre Dillard 

6-foot-5, 315 pounds 

2021 Philadelphia game film reviewed: (9/27) DAL, (10/3) KC and (10/10) CAR 

Grade: B (Good player, but not elite; he’s good enough to win with). 

Notes: Dillard has only missed two games in two years (31 GP/9 starts). No significant injury history in college or the NFL. 

Scouting Report

Athletic big man with solid technique and above leverage lateral foot speed. Did the job most of the time. Handled Micah Parsons. Nice kick out initially in pass pro and set-up. Uses hands, arms, girth, raw strength and his size to form a nice shield on the perimeter. Moves fluidly. Looks good in space on screens. Looked like a smart player who picking up stunts, blitzes and spin backs. Challenged by speed at the back door and by inside rushes at times, but he compensated with effort to get by. Gave up some pressure, but only one sack (KC). Finesse hold the point run blocker who did enough or just enough to get by. Likes to stay off the ground. Lost some to the inside. Will roll up sleeves and power out in short yardage situations. Inconsistent sustain at the second level or downfield, but did try hard. Plays like football is important to him. 

Trade Proposal

What exactly would it take to land this former 2019 first-round pick out of Washington State?

A rumor by FanSided projects Cleveland’s running back Kareem Hunt and a sixth-rounder in exchange for Dillard.

Philadelphia did not pick up Dillard’s fifth-year option this offseason and reportedly seem very content with their situation at offensive tackle.

Maybe trading Jets’ receiver Denzel Mims would get it done? Maybe cornerback Bryce Hall? 

Maybe just a fourth-round pick in 2023?

Whatever it is, get it done. 


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