What the Jets Can Learn From the Rams Trading For Matthew Stafford

It took two first-round picks and a starting quarterback for the Rams to acquire Matthew Stafford. Does that mean New York would need to send four first-rounders to get Deshaun Watson from the Texans?
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This blockbuster trade between two NFC teams could have a major impact on the Jets this offseason.

The Lions dealt quarterback Matthew Stafford to the Rams on Saturday night, a move that sent Jared Goff from Los Angeles to Detroit. 

Although the Jets could've considered going after Stafford to replace Sam Darnold, it wasn't the quarterbacks in this deal that New York needs to keep an eye on. 

Detroit will reportedly acquire two future first-round picks, along with a third-rounder from this spring's draft, in addition to Goff. That's two first-round picks and a starting quarterback for a veteran that's about to turn 33.

If the Jets go on to pursue a trade for Texans star quarterback Deshaun Watson, who wants out of Houston, this deal is sure to be an early indicator as to what New York would need to give up.

Watson is a top-five quarterback and almost a decade younger than Stafford. He's the kind of player that can singlehandedly turn a franchise around. Does that mean New York would need to part ways with four first-round picks to get Watson?

Darnold could be part of the trade as well. Then again, Houston may not view Darnold the same way Detroit coveted Goff in their deal. Darnold is entering his fourth season in the NFL, coming off a horrid campaign in 2020. Goff recently took Los Angeles to a Super Bowl and has proven he's capable of being an elite quarterback at this level. 

With New York's draft capital, Houston could fill Watson's shoes with a top pick and may not need Darnold on their roster. Therefore, would that mean the Jets need to trade a different rising star from their roster instead? For a team that won two games last year, the Texans wouldn't have too many names to choose from.

It's possible the Stafford-Goff trade won't play a role in any deal for Watson, but as projections continue to circulate over the next few weeks, it can't hurt to compare. Either way, New York will certainly need to be ready to say goodbye to several first-round picks and possibly more if they want Watson. 


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