Big Sean and Jeff Daniels Share Heartbreak Being Detroit Lions Fans

John Maakaron

It is tough for anybody being a fan of the Detroit Lions. 

Year after year, season after season of futility has taken its toll on just about everybody.  

In two separate media appearances Wednesday, rapper Big Sean and actor Jeff Daniels shared their heartbreak of being fans of the Lions over the years. 

Big Sean was asked Wednesday on ESPN's "First Take" which team has a better chance of turning things around: the Lions or the Pistons.

"To me, the Pistons have always come through. Obviously, from the Bad Boys to the ’04 Pistons team to even now, I feel like the Pistons have what they need. We went to the playoffs last year. I do think the Pistons could come through," he said.

When discussing the Lions, the frustration of supporting a team that has only secured one playoff victory in decades and that often finds ways to lose that are inconceivable was clearly visible. 

"The Lions, I love the Lions, but there’s always rumors of a Lions curse. And I’m tired of having my heart broken -- even the last game, them being up 14-3 and then losing to Green Bay.

"Here’s the thing, I do think the Lions need to change the behind the scenes of the team," he said. "Really, I think Jim Caldwell was probably the best coach we had in a long time. It was weird to me that he got fired after a 9-7 season, and Matt Patricia’s at like what -- 9-33-1 or something like that?" (Patricia is 9-24-1).

Like many, he voiced a desire for changes at the top -- maybe even at the ownership level.

"There are people who have tried to buy the team or come into ownership to help change things around, and it’s not happening. So, I do hope the Lions, I’m praying that they get it together. But I’m a diehard. I’m a Lions fan for life, so I’m riding with them either way," Big Sean explained further.

Daniels, meanwhile, appeared on "The Rich Eisen Show", and shared the feeling of disappointment knowing what the outcome likely will be when watching a Lions game.

With all of the losing and with all the negative things that have occurred to the franchise over the years, the idea that the team is actually cursed has started to become believable and accepted by a large segment of supporters.

"They break your heart,” Daniels explained. “They don’t just lose, they break your heart doing so. You can’t be ahead, 23-6. You just know if  you lean towards, ‘We’re going to win,' you’re going to get your heart broken. You think we’re cursed, I don’t know. It’s getting difficult.”

But, like so many, Daniels still watches Lions games, hoping the track record of futility gets turned around at some point.

"Well, they’re on in the background, let me put it that way,” he responded. “It’s hard to sit there, leaning forward into the television, when you know you’re going to get your heart broken. You leave them on in the event that something crazy happens. But generally, these first two games, it’s been the same thing.”

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This is sad

Andria m
Andria m

It really is tough to watch week after week knowing the team likely won’t win. But to keep finding new ways to lose is getting disheartening