Bevell: 'To Keep the Quarterback That Clean Was a Good Job'

Read more on the effectiveness of the Detroit Lions offensive line against the Washington Football Team

The Washington Football Team have invested heavily in their revamped defensive line. 

In the future, look for Montez Sweat, Tim Settle, Daron Payne, Ryan Kerrigan, Jonathan Allen and Chase Young to wreak havoc on opposing offensive linemen. 

Detroit's offensive line was up for the challenge and kept Matthew Stafford upright for the majority of the Week 10 matchup. 

Washington was only able to record five pressures and one blitz on Sunday.

"They (Washington) go five deep with first-rounders, former first-round draft picks. They just did a great job," offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell said Tuesday. "I think some of the things that they’re doing in practice and some of the time they’re getting to spend with one another, playing next to each other. It’s been a mix and we’ve had to move guys around a lot. But with that, I think it’s made each and every guy more comfortable with the guy that plays next to them.

“We’re moving it around in practice all the time. You know, trying to keep the guys -- one, trying to keep them healthy and two, trying to give them some good looks with guys next to them. I think they’ve really done a good job gelling as a group, whether it’s the fifth, the sixth, the seventh, the eighth, the ninth lineman. I think it speaks volumes to what they’re doing. What Hank (Fraley) and Billy (Yates) are doing with those guys, and they’ve all stepped up. That was a huge game for us last week. To keep the quarterback that clean was a good job.”


Making the case that Frank Ragnow and Taylor Decker are Pro Bowlers

Decker and Ragnow  each have elevated their play as the 2020 season has progressed. 

Bevell explained that despite playing quality defensive fronts in the division and playing alongside multiple line rotations, the duo have performed well enough to be considered Pro Bowlers.

“I think they should be, they should be. They are playing at a really high level. Hopefully, the people around them see it. I think their peers see it -- you know, the guys they have to go up against every week,” Bevell said. “We’ve faced some good fronts and there are some good fronts in our division. But, again, that one was probably as good as it can get and to hold the quarterback fairly clean throughout the game speaks well for those guys.”

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