Darius Slay to Wear No. 24 to Honor Kobe Bryant

John Maakaron

Darius Slay has announced that he plans on changing his number when he suits up for the Philadelphia Eagles. Slay has decided that he will wear No. 24 to honor his idol Kobe Bryant.

"I'm going Kobe mode. Black Mamba. Rest in peace to the GOAT. One of my favorite players," Slay revealed via a social media post.

Slay wore No. 23 with the Lions, but is ready for a fresh start after being traded to the Eagles for two draft picks.

"I just felt like I went into the hall of fame," Slay said when he met his idol Kobe Bryant at the Palace of Auburn Hills. "Like, if they had a hall of fame to meet people, I would be the first one in there. I'm probably the biggest (normal) person that met someone that big. If nobody ever met Bill Gates that's at my level, then you're not beating me. You've got to try to meet Bill Gates."

The highlight for Slay was having his Lions jersey autographed by Bryant. 

"Nobody's going to touch it but me. My mama can't touch it. My son's going to look at it, but he can't touch it," Slay said. "Nobody can touch that jersey. Like the washing machine ain't gonna touch that. That stuff is gone. Like, I don't even want the dude that'll put it in the glass for me touching it. I want to be the one to put it in the glass."


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RIP Kobe - It will be weird to see Slay in an Eagles jersey