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Jamaal Williams Gifts Teammates, Coaches Custom Robes

Jamaal Williams was in the mood to give presents this week.

Detroit Lions running back Jamaal Williams had a special gift for his teammates as the calendar turned to December.

On Thursday, he presented each member of the offense, players and coaches, with custom-made robes. Each received a robe with their last name and number emblazoned on the back, which were adorned with a cartoon image of Williams flexing.

Offensive guard Jonah Jackson confirmed the robes were “very comfortable.”

“It’s got a little bit of insulation, I guess,” Jackson said. “Two layers, so house wear.”

As Williams was passing them out, Jackson was anxiously awaiting his gift from the veteran running back.

“I was waiting for mine,” he said. “I’m like, ‘Where’s mine?’ I seen everybody else's. Honestly, a while ago I asked (Williams), ‘Where’d you get these from? You should get something like this for me.’”

Williams said the idea was born from his time with the Green Bay Packers, where each year quarterback Aaron Rodgers would get his teammates gifts.

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The sixth-year back said the best gift he remembers getting is a pair of Uggs' boots.

“It was a gift, a present,” Williams told reporters Thursday. “This is what I’ve learned, growing up. Like I’m used to, every year, A-Rod giving us Uggs or something. Just trying to do my best as a good vet.”

Jackson said the gift embodies how good a teammate Williams is. Though gift-giving is a tradition in the Lions’ locker room, the display of appreciation from the running back stood out.

“It’s big,” Jackson said. “It shows what kind of guy he is, he’s a selfless guy. Giving something like this is awesome. You never really think to get yourself a robe. Thinking about how comfortable it is, now this might be like a, walking to the game, walk around my house, doing duties around town, grocery shopping.”

The robe won’t be the only gift that Jackson and the offensive line receive, as the Ohio State product shed some light on a white elephant gift exchange between the members of the position group.

“We do a gift exchange for all of us, it goes oldest to youngest,” Jackson said. “It’s kind of like a white elephant, and then we’ll get (offensive line coach) Hank (Fraley), (coaching assistant) DeOn’tae (Pannell) and (offensive quality control coach) Steve (Oliver) a little gift. We’ve got some heat for them this year. Then, Jared (Goff) usually gets everybody something, (Halapoulivaati) Vaitai will probably get us all something.”

During his first three seasons with the Lions, Jackson added that he’s received a Bose speaker, a Shinola watch, a Yeti set and a customized case of Rip Van Winkle bourbon.