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Why Jared Goff Deserves Some Blame for Vikings Loss

Why Jared Goff must be more assertive as the leader of the Detroit Lions' offense.

Detroit Lions quarterback Jared Goff has regrets, following a tough loss to the Minnesota Vikings, 28-24, in Week 3. 

Imagine future Hall of Fame quarterbacks Tom Brady and Matthew Stafford allowing a head coach to decide to kick a field goal, instead of being aggressive and attempting to put a game away. 

Goff expressed following the loss that he felt he did not do as much as he could have to influence the coaching staff to go for it on fourth down, instead of attempting a long field goal. 

"I wish I would have. I didn't, as much as I wish I would have. That was a tough spot, man. It was a tough decision," Goff said, via The Detroit News. "Obviously, we make the field goal and stop them on defense, there's no question about it. It's tough. It was fourth-and-4. You're kind of in that tweener zone. You can even discuss to punt it in some scenarios. Ultimately, I think, I wish I would have said something to Dan, and I didn't. I'm sure he would have let us have it, if I had done that."


Goff has been more vocal in his second season in Motown, even influencing Dan Campbell to play him in the preseason, when the original plan was to debut him for the first time this year in Week 1. 

Before kicker Austin Seibert missed a 54-yard attempt, the offense had been successful on four-of-six fourth-down attempts.

For Goff and the offense moving forward, being more assertive in the decision-making could mean the difference between a win and a loss. 

For example, on third-and-1, if the call comes in for a pass play, Goff could have decided to make the safer call and check into a run play. 

Instead, the offense failed to execute, and gave the Vikings increased momentum. 

For as much criticism that is being levied on the coaching staff, the leader of the offense deserves just as much blame for being a bystander during such a crucial decision.