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Matt Patricia Is Adopting 'More Is More' Philosophy

Matt Patricia is choosing to focus on what he can control ahead of the most unique training camps in NFL history.

With as unusual of an offseason as ever before seen having just been completed, Lions head coach Matt Patricia must have just as many questions about what the future holds as every fan and pundit does. 

One of the most pressing questions that faces Patricia is how will practice be different in 2020 amid the global pandemic. 

During a video conference with the media Friday, Patricia expressed that he is open to any and all types of suggestions to keep his team safe.

"All of it is up for discussion and for change. I would say, in general, for just the COVID, the phrase right now that we're using is 'more is more.' So, for us trying to stay safe and protected, more is more," Patricia said. "As many things as we get when we get on the field in those settings, things that we have to do to keep everybody as separate as we can, we're going to try to do.

"The biggest thing for us, honestly, it's just to get through the first 14 days from when everybody reported."

For Patricia and the coaching staff, it is about maximizing whatever opportunities present themselves on the practice field.


"That's what's different than some of the other major league sports. They can play games, and get better through the course of games. We only have a limited amount of opportunity. So, practice is a major concern. We're really trying to do everything we can to maximize that opportunity that we have to get out on the field," Patricia said.

He added, "Just trying to put a plan together so that when we have that opportunity based on the schedule that everyone agreed upon, that when we get on the practice field in a true training camp sort of practice schedule, that we can maximize everything we're doing."


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