Matt Patricia Is Not Surprised by Detroit Lions Slow Start

John Maakaron

Detroit Lions head coach Matt Patricia is not surprised at his team's play to start the 2020 NFL season. 

Despite a record of 0-2, and many outside of the Lions' facilities believing the clock has started to tick on his entire tenure, Patricia stated Wednesday in a video conference that 'It's going to be this way in September' as the team continues to work to improve on all facets of their performance.

"I don't think I'm surprised because I think that we've played two games together. It's going to be this way in September," he said. "I think we talked about that before. We need time as a group to work together. And certainly from a team standpoint, I think we've tried to teach all of the phases when you get into the actual game."

The coaching staff this week, along with a couple of players made available to the media, noted the improvements are also needed on the mental side of the game.

Only thing that separates this league is like I said, from the neck up,” Detroit Lions linebacker Reggie Ragland said Monday. “It ain’t nothing else.”

“(Matt Patricia has) been talking about the ebbs and flows of the game,” Undlin said Tuesday. “We’ve just got to focus on one play at a time. It doesn’t matter what the score is. We can be down 14, be up 14, it doesn’t matter. The focus and the energy needs to go into the next play no matter what the call is, no matter what the personnel is on the field, what they’ve got, and do our best to execute that. Again, it starts with me.”


Patricia does not believe the team needs a 'shock to the system' or drastic changes at this point in the 2020 season. 

"We just try to stay consistent every single week. That would be the same as riding the ebbs and flows of every single day -- which we talk about during the game. No different than stories that are in the media, no different than people that want to talk about week two in week three and week four before we even get to week ten. So for us, it's just try to stay consistent and improve. I think that's the biggest thing for us."

Detroit heads to Arizona this Sunday to face a Cardinals team that has started the season 2-0. 

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Comments (3)
No. 1-2

If I had his answers for failure in my workplace I would be fired. Lions lose eleven in a row and his response is "one bad game". Lions blow leads repeatedly and his response is I had a great fourth quarter in the Super Bowl in 2015. Now this... He is telling ownership he did not expect to win! This guy is looking to get fired, every other franchise dealt with the same BS we had to. How can you even be a coach if you expect to lose because that is what a slow start is.... LOSING GAMES!

Imagine saying the following to your executive: I know that we fell short the last eleven days but it was really only one bad day yesterday. OR I realize I am not getting the job done but remember five and a half years ago I had a stellar performance that secured me this promotion. OR LASTLY I appreciate your trust in me, just know I did not expect production of the first 1/8th of this year; this failure is not surprising. WTF - #FirePatricia


Does he literally say the same thing after every loss?