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Twitter Reacts: Right Now, Dan Campbell Is a Liability

Dan Campbell's decision to kick a field goal cost the Detroit Lions an opportunity to secure a Week 3 win on the road.

Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell regrets the decision to have kicker Austin Seibert attempt a 54-yard field goal. 

With approximately 1:15 left in the road contest, Campbell and the coaching staff were forced to decide how to approach a 4th-and-4 decision from the Vikings’ 36-yard line. 

Leading by three points, the Lions could have decided to go for it on fourth-down, as they had for the majority of the football game. 

The offense was executing at a pretty high level on fourth-down all afternoon. 

Executing would have sealed the game, as the Vikings did not have any timeouts. 

The other option would have been to simply punt the football and force the Vikings' offense to march down the field to tie the game. 

Instead, Campbell and the coaching staff chose the worst of the three options. 

Seibert missed the field goal attempt, and naturally, the Vikings' offense marched down the field for the go-ahead touchdown, stunning the Lions, 28-24. 

What made the decision more of a head-scratcher was Seibert had previously missed a 48-yarder. 

So, what gave the team any confidence a 54-yarder would be successful? 

Speaking with reporters, Detroit's second-year head coach explained why he regretted the eventual decision that was made. 

“I fricken regret my decision there in the end,” Campbell said after the disappointing loss in Week 3. “I should have gone for it on fourth down, and I told the team I should’ve gone for it.” He later added: “I regret that decision 100 percent.”

Here is a sample of the reaction online, which has not been favorable, since many feel Campbell is currently a liability and a reason the team lost this week.