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Look: Dan Campbell's Daily Starbucks Order Goes Viral

Does Detroit Lions Dan Campbell really need to drink any coffee at all?

Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell's daily Starbucks order has sent the internet on fire. 

During the offseason, Campbell informed the media that he typically consumed a healthy amount of coffee during each day. 

On the first day of padded practices, Campbell was asked if he consumed any extra caffeine due to his excitement level. 

For the start of padded practices, Campbell noted that he did not need any extra coffee and proceeded to share how he starts his day. 

“No, you don't need it today. You don't need the extra coffee, not with the pads on. So, normal coffee today," he explained. "The next cup of coffee will be out there when we do team run. So, this will be exciting. I can't wait. Normally what I do is I get two venti. At Starbucks, I get two venti of the Pike with two shots in them. So, black in both. That's what I come in with. That's how I start the day.”

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According to the popular coffee shop's official website, one Venti cup of Pike Place brew with the two shots has approximately 410 milligrams of caffeine. Two cups would mean Campbell is consuming 820 milligrams of caffeine.

It will be interesting to monitor if Campbell's caffeine consumption actually increased as the 2021 season progresses. 

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