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Poll: Should GM Bob Quinn Be Allowed to Hire Lions' Next Head Coach?

Read more on if general manager Bob Quinn has an opportunity to be retained if Matt Patricia is let go as head coach of the Detroit Lions

The Detroit Lions certainly have a major dilemma to deal with just four games into the 2020 season. 

The majority of supporters have lost total confidence in the regime led by general manager Bob Quinn and head coach Matt Patricia being able to accomplish anything noteworthy moving forward.

If the pattern of subpar play continues until the end of the season, wholesale changes will be made by ownership. 

The specifics of what changes Sheila Ford Hamp could make remain up in the air. 

Could Patricia be relieved of his head coaching duties, while Quinn survives and is able to hire his third head coach in five years?

That theory was proposed by "Locked on Lions" host Matt Dery during a recent broadcast.

As Dery explained, 

"So, Bob Quinn, I guess on the ladder, is higher up than Matt Patrica. But, Bob Quinn deserves just as much blame, if not more, for the demise of this organization over the last two seasons. But, if Quinn is already starting to plant the seed to the Fords and Rod Wood like ‘Hey, I might have messed this up, this coaching hire, (but) give me another chance. I’ve got a guy.’ The last thing the Lions want to do is replace a coordinator with another coordinator. Are they going to hire Eric Bieniemy away from Kansas City, are they going to hire Robert Saleh, the pride of Dearborn? Or could Quinn, in his conversations with Rod Wood, should they have a discussion and say, ‘If we’re going to make a coaching change, we can’t bring in a guy who hasn’t been a head coach.’ Woah, woah, there’s somebody available with New England ties, that, you know, that’s won four division championships and had a winning record in Houston (Bill O’Brien). And no, we don’t make O’Brien the general manager, don’t worry. He’s just the head coach. Could this be something that could happen? I think so. Couldn’t you see that happen? I can.”

The scenario that seems most acceptable to supporters is to completely start over and rebuild yet again with both a new general manager and head coach. 

In this scenario, Quinn would be allowed to select another head coach with ties to the Patriots, to try and right the ship that has gone totally off course.

When looking at the roster, Quinn has started to stockpile young talent, especially along the offensive line. 

But, can the errors made early in his tenure and some of the significant draft busts he has on his record be overlooked?

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Should Quinn be retained, and be allowed to make the next coaching hire?

Vote and comment below.

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