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NFL Top 5 Power Rankings For Week 6

The NFL top five power rankings for Week 6.

The Saints welcomed the bye week to rest and get ready for the remaining games of the regular season. 

NFL Top 5 Power Rankings for Week 6


1. Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals are still holding the top spot on the Top 5 and are the only undefeated team in the NFL. With all of their success, the 49ers cooled down the Cardinals’ offense last week. Will COVID-19 be the catalyst to take Arizona to their first loss of the season? The team manages three positive COVID cases, one player and two staff members, according to multiple reports. 

According to NFL reports, the Cardinals is one of a few NFL teams that are 100% vaccinated. The offense has been explosive all season, but the defense put Arizona over the top this week. The NFC West leaders held the San Francisco 49ers to only ten points to win 17-10. Next up for the Cardinals is the Browns in Cleveland.


2. Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills continue to climb in the Top 5 Power Rankings. The Bills have now won four consecutive games and defeated the two-time reigning AFC champions Kansas City Chiefs.

The good news is the defense is no longer a liability for this franchise. The Bills are flaunting an explosive offense, and one of the best defenses in the league was proving to be the real deal and earned a number 2 spot this week. The Bills meet the Titans on Monday Night Football.


3. Los Angeles Rams

The Los Angeles Rams’ offense highlights one of the NFL’s strongest quarterbacks. With an imposing offensive line, the Rams have given up the fewest sacks in the league this season. The question is whether the Rams can elevate the offense by consistently running the ball. 

The Rams defeated the Seattle Seahawks 26-17. Coach Sean McVay took a page out of Coach Sean Payton’s playbook and deployed two backs against the Seahawks. The Rams will challenge the New York Giants at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey on Sunday.


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4. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers ripped another impressive win, pouncing Miami 17-45. Sunday's 45-17 win over Miami records the first time Tom Brady threw for over four hundred yards and five touchdowns. Miami took Brady out of the game for the final nine minutes of regulation. 

The Bucs' offense eventually came alive hugely against Miami after two road games as Tom Brady got back on track with five touchdown passes. Tampa Bay defeated the Philadelphia Eagles on Thursday night, 28-22, and now stands at 5-1.

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5. Dallas Cowboys

Fans are continuing to ask if the Dallas Cowboys are for real this season. Dallas is talking about a Super Bowl run, but there is a lot of football left to play. Reports have surfaced statistically, finding the Cowboys at 16% chance of making it to the Super Bowl in the postseason. First things first, the Cowboys must get past New England on Sunday at 4:25 PM ET to continue the momentum to the playoffs. 

Dallas’ defense is capitalizing off turnovers while the offense is more explosive each week. A genuine test will be in New England when the Cowboys meet the Patriots. This game should be interesting because three out of the last five matchups between these divisional rivals have been decided by one score. You can watch the Cowboys at 3:25 PM CT. today on CBS.

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*10. New Orleans Saints

The New Orleans Saints will welcome a much-needed break during their bye week. The resilient Black and Gold has navigated through evacuations, injuries, COVID-19 protocols, suspensions, and a dismal return to the Caesar’s Superdome. Now 3-2 entering the bye week, Jameis Winston and running back Alvin Kamara were instrumental in Washington's 33-22 victory. 

Winston threw two interceptions, but the real high-point of the game was a 49-yard Hail Mary at the end of the first quarter.  

Unfortunately, Taysom Hill suffered a concussion in the second half but will have time off to recuperate and rest this week. 

Coach Sean Payton admitted that there are plays that may not be called because of the team’s injuries,

"When you have an injury to a player, there are some plays that you just will not call because it might have been just a focal point of that player," he said. "And then, there is a good portion of your offense–where Deonte's backup, whether it is Kenny Stills or one of the other receivers is learning that package, the tight ends or the Fs – are learning some of the stuff Taysom's doing.

But there are a few plays that you just take a Sharpie through. I think probably there's seven or eight plays – a handful of the quarterback run/pass packages we would carry each week with Taysom, and there were two or three plays that Deonte had gotten the work on during the week."   Sean Payton, Saints Head Coach

Russell Wilson suffered a finger injury in Week 5 and coming out of surgery, the Saints may face backup quarterback Geno Smith when they meet the Seahawks at Seattle Monday, October 25, 2021, at 7:15 PM.

Article contributor Sam Lucio, Saints News Network Intern.