Saints games to watch to help pass the time without sports

John Hendrix

The NFL recently announced that their Game Pass product would be complimentary to anyone through May 31 if you live in the U.S., and is a great opportunity for New Orleans Saints fans to help pass the time during this uncertain time without sports. You're able to replay full broadcast replays of games from 2009-2019. Go here to get it, while you still can.

Here's a look at some recommendations for you to partake in, and we'll go ahead and omit playoff victories on this list. These are in no particular order, and if we forgot your favorite one, then be sure to let us know below.

Stress-Free Saints Wins

  1. Colts at Saints, Week 7 (10/23/2011) - This game was supposed to be a Peyton Manning-Drew Brees showdown, but ended up being the Curtis Painter show for Indianapolis. It didn't go well, as the Saints thrashed the Colts 62-7 en route to their most points in franchise history.
  2. Eagles at Saints, Week 11 (11/18/2018) - The then defending Super Bowl Champions came to New Orleans to meet the Saints, and this game had some interesting buildup. Alvin Kamara wasn't shy about his comments regarding a potential playoff matchup after the Minneapolis Miracle, and this proved his point. The Eagles were virtually embarrassed 48-7. I've never seen Bobby Hebert so petty in all my life.
  3. Cowboys at Saints, Week 10 (11/10/2013) - Just call it the first down game. The Saints had 40 total first downs, an NFL record, as they beat down the Cowboys 49-17. Dallas had less than 200 total yards of offense, as Tony Romo completed just 10 total passes on 24 attempts. The Cowboys led 10-7 early in the second quarter, and the rest was history.
  4. Buccaneers at Saints, Week 15 (12/16/2012) - 2012 wasn't a great season, by any means. However, this was a time where the Saints were trying to fight to be in the playoff race, and got their first shutout win since 1995. Josh Freeman was picked off four times, while Drew Brees threw four touchdowns in a 41-0 victory.
  5. Saints at Bills, Week 10 (11/12/2017) - The Saints ground game racked up nearly 300 yards and completely dominated the Bills on the road. Both Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara rushed over 100 yards, and all Saints touchdowns came on the ground, including one from Drew Brees and another late one from Trey Edmunds in a 47-10 beat down.

Crazy Comeback Wins 

  1. Saints at Dolphins, Week 7 (10/25/2009) - This was the first big hump for Sean Payton's squad in 2009 came in the same place they'd eventually play for the Super Bowl. At one point in the second quarter, the Saints were down 24-3, and managed to add a late touchdown before the half ended to cut things to 24-10. They made it close as they were about to finish out the third quarter when Ricky Williams added another rushing touchdown to make it 34-24 going into the final quarter. The Saints ended up winning 46-34.
  2. Saints at Redskins, Week 13 (12/6/2009) - The Redskins didn't have a good season in 2009, and we know the story of the Saints that year. This matchup had upset written all over it, but New Orleans was able to rally from a 30-20 deficit late in the game to tie things and send it to overtime. The Saints would move to 12-0 on the year after winning in overtime 33-30. Robert Meachem love, anyone?
  3. Buccaneers at Saints, Week 5 (10/5/2014) - 2014 started out badly for New Orleans, facing an 0-3 hole to start the season. They'd break the streak in Week 4, and then the wheels looked to fall off the following week against the Bucs. The Saints jumped out to an early 13-0 lead, but Tampa Bay countered with 24 unanswered points. Mike Glennon helped sucked the life out of the Superdome early in the fourth quarter, putting the Buccaneers up 31-20. The comeback was something crazy, which eventually saw the Saints send it to overtime. Khiry Robinson finished things off to get the 36-30 win.
  4. Saints at Chargers, Week 4 (10/2/2016) - This was one of those, 'you had to see to believe it' type of games. The Saints were down 34-21 with less than five minutes to play and somehow ended up winning 35-34. John Kuhn finished with three total touchdowns, doing his best Mike Karney impression.
  5. Redskins at Saints, Week 11 (11/19/2017) - This might have been my personal favorite to witness. Washington looked to put the game away and end the Saints winning streak after going up 31-16 with less than six minutes to go. Drew Brees went crazy, which eventually saw the game get tied with about a minute to go thanks to Alvin Kamara. The comeback was almost all for naught with the Redskins making quick work to get close to field goal range. It didn't happen, as the Saints defense responded and forced overtime. New Orleans moved to 8-2 after winning in overtime 34-31.

Crazy Slugfests

  1. Giants at Saints, Week 8 (11/1/2015) - Defense was truly optional in this game, as Eli Manning and Drew Brees dueled it out. Seven touchdown passes from Brees, with six from Manning. The Saints were trailing 49-42, being up 42-28 at the beginning of the final quarter, until Brees hit C.J. Spiller with 36 seconds to go. The Giants couldn't do anything on the ensuing possession, giving New Orleans the ball back with a chance. Marcus Murphy had a great punt return, but ended up fumbling it. Luckily, it went into the hands of Willie Snead, who drew a facemask penalty and set up Kai Forbath for the game-winning 50-yarder to win 52-49.
  2. Texans at Saints, Week 3 (9/25/2011) - The old school uniforms is what some might remember most with this game, but this contest took a crazy turn in the fourth quarter. Houston was up 19-17 going into the final 15 minutes, and then 37 points ended up being scored between both teams to end up 40-33 in favor of the Saints.
  3. Saints at Falcons, Week 3 (9/23/2018) - The Drew Brees spin move says it all, but this was a game where the Saints put up 534 yards of offense and went back and forth with Atlanta, but ultimately trailed late and were able to tie it 1:15 to go. Brees sunk the Falcons in overtime on what's sure to be a part of his all-time highlight reel when he gets to Canton.


  1. Cowboys at Saints, Week 16 (12/23/2012) - Dez Bryant torched the Saints, more like Patrick Robinson, on the day. It looked like New Orleans was well on their way to victory after a David Thomas reception put them up 31-17 with 11:10 to go, but Dallas wouldn't go away. They'd rally and tie the game with 15 seconds to go, and then the extra frame provided some crazy drama that eventually saw the Saints walk away with a 34-31 win.
  2. Falcons at Saints, Week 1 (9/8/2013) - The Rob Ryan era got off to an interesting start, as New Orleans got Sean Payton back. No one was coming into the Superdome to beat the Saints that day, and the best part of the 23-17 win was how it ended: Matt Ryan getting picked off after then rookie Kenny Vaccaro made an outstanding play against Tony Gonzalez.
  3. 49ers at Saints, Week 11 (11/17/2013) - After the infamous Divisional Playoff Round upset, the Saints were looking forward to the rematch of in 2012. However, San Francisco got the last laugh in that game. Fast forward to 2013, and this was another big meeting between two really good teams. The Saints grinded out a 23-20 victory with 8 minutes to go, getting three field goals from Garrett Hartley.
  4. Steelers at Saints, Week 16 (12/23/2018) - This game had so much importance for the big picture heading into Week 17, and it ended up coming down to the wire. It had a little bit of everything, including one of the funniest failed fake punt attempts in recent memory. The Saints took the lead with 1:25 to go, and had to stave off a Steelers comeback. Sheldon Rankins saw to it personally that it wouldn't happen.
  5. Texans at Saints, Week 1 (9/9/2019) - When you talk about no lead being safe when it comes to the Saints, well, this was one of those games. New Orleans extended their lead to 27-21 with 50 seconds to go, which forced the Texans to score a touchdown. In 13 seconds, Deshaun Watson made that happen with Kenny Stills. Somehow, New Orleans was able to get what they needed to setup the game-winning 58-yard field goal from Wil Lutz to earn a 30-28 win to open last season.
  6. Saints at Cowboys, Week 12 (11/25/2010) - The defending Super Bowl Champions playing in Big D on Thanksgiving was crazy in itself. Just the year before, it was Dallas who gave the Saints their first lost of the season after going 13-0. The Cowboys were going to put the game away until Malcolm Jenkins took the ball away from Roy Williams. At one point, the Saints trailed 20-6.

Making History Games

  1. Chargers at Saints, Week 5 (10/7/2012) - Drew Brees breaks Johnny Unitas' old record for the most consecutive games with a touchdown pass, connecting with Robert Meachem for the first Saints win of 2012. It was a 52-year old record.
  2. Falcons at Saints, Week 16 (12/26/2011) - Brees breaks Dan Marino's single-season record for passing in a season.
  3. Redskins at Saints, Week 5 (10/8/2018) - Brees becomes NFL's all-time passing yard leader, and did it in the best way possible by earning it on a touchdown pass.
  4. Colts at Saints, Week 15 (12/16/2019) - Brees sets the all-time touchdown record to go along with the single-game for completion percentage, missing just one of his 30 passes all night.
  5. Saints at Ravens, Week 7 (10/21/2018) - Brees becomes the third NFL quarterback in history to defeat all 32 teams, joining Peyton Manning and Brett Favre. It was the first time the Saints beat the Ravens in the Sean Payton era.
  6. Saints at Titans, Week 16 (12/22/2019) - Michael Thomas sets the NFL's single-season record for most receptions, previously held by Marvin Harrison from 2002. 

More Than Honorable Mentions

  1. Patriots at Saints, Week 12 (11/30/2009) - Saints deliver in prime time and send Tom Brady to the bench.
  2. Rams at Saints, Week 12 (11/27/2016)
  3. Rams at Saints, Week 9 (11/4/2018) - Michael Thomas recreates Joe Horn's infamous end zone celebration.
  4. Giants at Saints, Week 12 (11/28/2011)
  5. Buccaneers at Saints, Week 16 (12/24/2016) - Sean Payton passes Jim Mora.
  6. Saints at Falcons, Week 13 (11/28/2019) - Thanksgiving in Atlanta, seeing Matt Ryan sacked nine total times.
  7. Saints at Bengals, Week 10 (11/11/2018)

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