Armstead Brings Scholars Education To The New Orleans Community

Terron Armstead's journey to impact the community continues with a new Scholars Education of New Orleans.
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Terron Armstead continues to make an impact in the New Orleans community. According to a Wednesday morning announcement, Armstead has partnered with Scholars to open the third franchise location across the country. The other two locations are in Georgia and Florida. The education center will be located in Old Metairie Village Plaza, and opened its door this month.

Scholars connects students with attentive teachers and a comprehensive curriculum that improves on their weaknesses while continuing to maximize their strengths. With programs designed to foster lifelong growth, Scholars of New Orleans aims to help students realize their full potential and overcome challenges.

The new education center, made possible by Armstead, provides personalized tutoring programs and delivers results that matter to families in New Orleans. The center offers a world-class curriculum facilitated by qualified, caring teachers that leads to success, both inside and outside the classroom.

Armstead has invested in the community since being drafted in 2013, especially through his foundation. Last year, he built a 40,000-square foot multi-functional facility for the youth in his hometown of Cahokia, IL. A grand opening ceremony will be held later this week at the center, which will include a ribbon cutting.