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Seahawks QB Drew Lock on Mock Game: 'We Got Things to Work on'

Lock has a clear understanding of where Seattle needs to improve going forward.

The Seattle Seahawks received 10 years of phenomenal quarterback play from Russell Wilson but saw glimpses on Saturday night of how special the future can be.

In training camp's first mock game, quarterback Drew Lock went 19 of 27 with a touchdown pass and no interceptions. He also led three scoring drives.

After the game, Lock shared that he felt his first half - where he went 15 of 18 - was a cleaner and more representative showing of his highest performance level.

“First half (was) pretty close. Second half, I want some throws back, some plays back," Lock said. "But that’s football. You can learn from those plays. I thought I played pretty well today in the beginning. Wish I could play a little better at the end.”

Two of Lock's scoring drives came against Seattle's first-team defense. With the team skipping right to the fourth quarter out of halftime, Lock's play dropped off after the intermission. 

While the late-game struggles weren't what Lock was hoping for, the 25-year-old left the field with a clear understanding of where he and the rest of the offense needs to improve before Week 1.

“We got things to work on. We want to play as clean as we did, ones and twos, in the first half," said Lock. "We played a little better (in the first) than the second half. A lot of small things, a lot of details. QBs and cadences, specific routes, certain ways to block, just the minor details that we need to keep focusing on.”

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After an up and down run across three seasons in Denver, Lock is looking to find consistency with the Seahawks in what is his first contract year. With a big opportunity in the preseason looming, the Missouri native feels confident with where he's at in terms of commanding the offense. 

"I go up there and there’s zero extra thought going into it," Lock stated. "I know what I’m doing when I break the huddle. I’m looking for the looks that I need to see, change the protection, getting us out of certain run looks, getting us into other run looks from a pass."

After drawing praise from coach Pete Carroll, Lock's overall strong performance in his first game-setting showing in Seattle could serve as a building blocking throughout the rest of the preseason. One thing's for certain: Lock exited Lumen Field on Saturday night with a big wave of positive momentum behind him.

"I feel really, really good."

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