Coach Search: Texans vs Chargers - Which Job is Better?

The Chargers have a young quarterback but the Houston Texans have a star. Which head-coaching job is better when all things are considered?
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HOUSTON - The Houston Texans job has been open for a while now, but the Chargers currently have Anthony Lynn as their head coach. 

Another disappointing season for Lynn, combined with rampant mismanagement throughout 2020, will likely lead to the Chargers searching for a head coach. 

Will prospective head coaches prefer the West Coast to the Third Coast? As part of our Texans-centric examination of the subject, Let's dive in. 

Quarterback: Slight Advantage Houston

Justin Herbert did a great job making this a tough choice. Rookie quarterbacks who are playing extremely well are always an attractive aspect of a job. While Herbert has been spectacular, Deshaun Watson is better now. It is really close, but the Texans hold the advantage here. 

Roster Composition: Advantage Los Angeles

The Chargers blow the Texans away here. Joey Bosa is better than J.J. Watt at this point and under contract for a few more years. The defensive back situation is solid with a mix of veterans and youth. 

The offense around Justin Herbert is much better. Houston can only claim an advantage at offensive tackle. Every other spot the Chargers have a claim to with their players ranging from slightly better to much better. 

Salary Cap Situation: Advantage Los Angeles

Despite having a loaded bunch of veterans, the advantage of the rookie quarterback contract allows the Chargers to pay their players well and still have money left over. Los Angeles is set to have the ninth most salary cap space and many of their key players are already taken care of for next season. 

The Texans have hard decisions to make on contracts and even if they get a little bit of space, they will still be bargain shopping. 

Draft Picks: Advantage Los Angeles

The Chargers have all their premium selections and are set to pick just outside the top ten. The Texans are without their first and second selection in the 2021 draft due to the Laremy Tunsil trade.

Franchise Intangibles: Advantage Houston

The Los Angeles Chargers have a minimal fanbase in Los Angeles and I have no clue how people in San Diego view them. Justin Herbert helps, but even then they're second-rate citizens in their own town. Ownership has been described as cheap before as well. 

Cal McNair has never let a figure on a budget keep him from trying to improve his football team. 

Verdict: Los Angeles is the Better Job

The Chargers should be viewed as a better job by almost every candidate who wants to stack up wins right away. The Texans are certainly a more long-term play compared to the Chargers and should be able to surpass them in a couple of seasons if things break right. If the Texans find themselves in a contest for the same coach Los Angeles wants it may not go their way.