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Lewan Joins Chorus of NFL Players Talking Mental Health

Like teammate Ryan Tannehill, the Tennessee Titans left tackle sought therapy to help him deal with his 2021 performance.

NASHVILLE – Taylor Lewan’s larger-than-life persona has been a Tennessee Titans constant for almost a decade now.

He is an entertainer extraordinaire, a wise-cracking, sharp-witted smart aleck, who – along with former teammate Will Compton – has crafted a national following for their “Bussin’ with the Boys” podcast.

One of Lewan’s favorite social media catchphrases: No Bad Days.

But in talking to media Tuesday, the seemingly ever-upbeat Lewan revealed he does indeed have bad days, and that in fact, his 2021 season probably featured at least as many of them as it did good ones.

He began by taking us back to the 2021 offseason – still in the process of recovering from the torn ACL he suffered in October of 2020 – when Lewan couldn’t even run until about month before the start of training camp.

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Lewan’s limited physical preparation and the resultant loss of confidence predictably made for a nightmare of a season-opener. He was the primary culprit when the Titans surrendered six sacks in a 38-13 loss to Arizona, his play so disappointing that Lewan was booed by home fans when – after suffering from cramps – his return to the game was announced.

Things gradually improved as the season progressed, but his overall performance didn’t match the Pro-Bowl levels he showed earlier in his career. The team’s offensive struggles didn’t help, nor did the top-seeded Titans’ upset loss to visiting Cincinnati in the divisional round of the playoffs.

“Last year – let’s not get it twisted, that **** was ******* miserable,” Lewan said Tuesday. “You guys can bleep that out … but seriously, that **** was miserable. The first game was terrible. … The middle (and) the end of the year, things started going well. But damn, it was not fun. Every week was like you’re not feeling your best.”

What Lewan did about those crushing feelings of personal and team disappointment, however, was encouraging.

Instead of simply allowing those negative thoughts to run hard-charging sprints through his mind, Lewan tripped them up by reaching out for help.

“You’re making 100 excuses in your head and then you get down, and you’ve got to go unpack all those things,” Lewan said. “You can’t pretend it didn’t happen. I had to go and talk to a lot of people and figure that stuff out, unpack that stuff. Once we did, I feel a whole lot better. I feel like more like myself than I ever have.”

Tennessee Titans offensive tackle Taylor Lewan (77) on the sideline during the second half against the Indianapolis Colts at Nissan Stadium.