Governor Phil Murphy Wants Fans in the Stands When Football Returns to the Meadowlands This Fall

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New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy says it IS possible fans could attend NFL games at Met Life Stadium this fall as the state navigates the COVID-19 pandemic. Met Life is home to both the New York Jets and the New York Giants. With the season still a few months away, SI Jets Reporter Kristian Dyer spoke with Governor Murphy about how he sees this unfolding.

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Madelyn Burke: The NFL season is still a few months away, but New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy says it is possible that fans could attend NFL games at MetLife Stadium this fall. So joining me now is SI Jets reporter Kristian Dyer. Kristian, I know you spoke with Governor Murphy. How exactly does he envision this working? 

Kristian Dyer: Well, New Jersey has been the second hardest hit state in the country, Madelyn, in terms of COVID-19 cases and related fatalities and as such, new Jersey Governor Murphy is kind of taking a little bit of a pragmatic approach here in terms of opening up the state. Things are just beginning to open up in terms of retail, salons, barber shops and NFL games at MetLife, which is home of both the New York Giants and the New York Jets. It's going to follow probably a very similar approach in terms of caution. I did ask Governor Murphy if he had visions are being fans at NFL games and Murphy, who I need to caution is a New England Patriots fan, says he can't wait to see New York Jets and New York Giants fans at games. He thinks it's a possibility, but he thinks it needs to go about it, handle the right way because of the high number of cases in Jersey and the fact that New Jersey's the most densely populated state in the country. They don't want to see a spike. 

Madelyn Burke: It's got to be tough for Governor Murphy being a Pats fan, especially governing the state that the New York Giants play in right there. Considering that history, Kristian. 

Kristian Dyer: He loves Sam Darnold, though, he told me that he loves Sam Darnold, so maybe he's converting to the green and white. I don't know. [00:01:34][6.4]

Madelyn Burke: Thanks so much Kristian. Appreciate it.

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