Dan Snyder NFL Trouble? Latest From Washington

A report suggesting Dan Snyder is in serious hot water has been disputed by the NFL. What happens next?
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ASHBURN, Va. - Is there no finished and submitted Beth Wilkinson/NFL investigation on Dan Snyder and the Washington Football Team? Or, with the NFL issuing a denial of sorts, is there a semantic issue here?

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Per Ben Standig and others, a league spokesman says the league has not yet received anything. 

That's viable. It's also viable that the radio station was able to obtain a portion of the report before the league officially did. Note that the NFL, as near as we can tell, has yet to dispute what is reportedly noted in the report - only that they have not received the report. 

Semantics. Nuance.

An executive source with the Washington Football Team tells us they are not presently issuing any response to the report but pointed us in the direction of the "comments the league made." (Worth noting is the sudden flood of pro-Snyder posts on social media, a flood that appears to have been "arranged.'' The timing is ... well, worth noting.)

We've worked with the Sports Junkies for 12 years and have a good sense of who they are as broadcasters and individuals. It it our strong view that they did not make this up. And we can say, due to our employment with the same company and boss, they're generally not allowed to go on the radio with something of this magnitude without evidence.

The station recognizes its need to be correct here.

"Fake news''? No. Could they have been misled, or could they somehow be mistaken? Possibly, but at least one member of the quartet has actually seen part of the report.

There is no real benefit to "making it up.'' There is benefit in understanding that the full and final report figures to eventually be even more public knowledge, and meanwhile, there is benefit in weighing the radio station's analysis of the report, which allegedly recommends that Snyder sell the team.