Washington Football Team Trade Ideas For Packers QB Aaron Rodgers: What Is The Cost?

If the Green Bay Packers are trying to trade Aaron Rodgers, here's what the Washington Football Team would have to give up
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To go through the timeline of the Aaron Rodgers fiasco would take up too much space, so let's just recap it as quickly as possible. Rodgers now wants out of Green Bay and the two sides feel as if their journey along Lombardi Ave. has reached its end. 

That's at least from Rodgers' side. And no matter what Packers GM Brian Gutekunst and CEO Mark Murphy say, the 37-year-old star is making a mess of their plans. 

Should he become available, the Washington Football Team would at least have to consider the option if they want to enter win-now mode.

NFL.com's Cynthia Freeland recently released three different trade scenarios for what could happen with Rodgers if Washington were to trade for him. In the scenario, WFT gives up a franchise piece, but in return lands as a three-time MVP. 

  • Washington receives: QB Aaron Rodgers
  • Green Bay receives: OLB Montez Sweat, 2022 first-round selection, 2023 first-round selection, 2022 second-round selection and 2022 conditional fourth-round selection

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This isn't the first trade WFT fans have seen this month in which Rodgers heads to the D.C. club. ESPN's Bill Barnwell recently posted his trade scenarios for the offseason, haiving Washington give up more players, but keeping one of its stars. 

  • Washington receives: QB Aaron Rodgers
  • Green Bay receives: QB Ryan Fitzpatrick, DL Matt Ioannidis, 2022 first-round selection, 2023 first-round selection, 2022 second-round selection, 2023 second-round selection 

Of the two deals, Barnwell plays more in favor of WFT. Sweat, who has been a hit since drafted out of Mississippi State in 2019, continues to flourish into one of the young promising pass-rushers in the league. 

Sweat played in 66 percent of snaps last season with the shift to Jack Del Rio's 4-3 front. He recorded 45 tackles, 12 tackles for losses, 20 quarterback hits, nine sacks, six pass deflections, two forced fumbles and an interception returned for a touchdown. 

The transition back to his natural defensive end boded well for his production, making him a vital piece to the organization's future. 

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"[Sweat] could add a lot of potential upside value for the Packers right away, and ultimately, they’d be inheriting a rookie contract," Frelund reported.

In reality, would Green Bay be willing to take Barnwell's deal? Fitzpatrick would be a mentor to second-year QB Jordan Love for another season. Ioannidis at least adds value and has experience as a 3-4 defensive end, making him an upgrade over Dean Lowrey. 

It is enough? It's hard to turn down that many picks, but we say Green Bay likely would say no. In the Sweat deal, the Packers grab an affordable pass-rusher who still has three years on his rookie contract — allowing time for the cap to expand. 

Arguing that quarterback isn’t the missing piece for WFT in 2021 isn’t the obstacle here; Washington would vault to the top of NFC contention with such a blockbuster. The WFT, though, would have to be convincing on two fronts: One, get the Packers to be happy with an offer. And two, to get Aaron Rodgers to be happy - something his Wisconsin bosses will tell you is no easy feat.

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