This song will probably just bum you out. 

By Dan Gartland
June 02, 2017

Hey, Nashville Predators fans! Are you ready to stand up and cheer for your team to dig out of a 2–0 hole in the Stanley Cup Final? Billy Ray Cyrus has a song to pump you up.

Actually, it’ll probably just bum you out. 

With the series headed to Nashville on Saturday, Cyrus just dropped a new song, “Bring the Stanley Cup to Tennessee,” and it’s the opposite of a good inspirational sports anthem. It’s not upbeat, it’s not loud, there’s no short chorus for the crowd to chant in unison. Instead, Cyrus starts off singing in this low, gravely voice that sounds not unlike if Tom Waits wrote a song about hockey. It’s really quite upsetting. 

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“Wrote,” is also perhaps too strong a word, considering Cyrus just repeats the same stanza a few times over some basic chords. Don’t expect this to replace the Preds’ current goal song any time soon. 

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