Friday Return For Sidney Crosby A “Possibility”

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Pittsburgh Penguins captain Sidney Crosby said on Monday that his first game back could come on Friday, according to CBC Sports.

"That's a possibility," Crosby said of returning Friday. "Just like however many games left there are [a possibility]. … I'd love it to be [Friday], but I would have loved it to be on the West Coast trip, too. There are a lot of different guesses but, like I said, everyone's guesses are as good as mine."

Crosby has been out since early January with a concussion. According to CBC Sports, Crosby unexpectedly flew to Pittsburgh on Sunday to meet with concussion specialists, sparking talk that his return to game action was imminent. Penguins Head Coach Dan Blysma, however, said that nothing has changed; Crosby continues to practice with the team and is evaluated periodically by doctors.

"I just tell them how I feel," Crosby said. "That's usually how it goes, giving feedback and letting them know how I'm feeling. They usually have tests or ways of evaluating. It's kind of a combination of what I'm telling them and their expert opinion."

According to CBC Sports, Crosby’s contact at practice has been limited, but his speed looks close to game-ready.