By Evans Clinchy
April 25, 2012

The Detroit Red Wings made an early exit from the Stanley Cup playoffs this spring, losing in the first round to the Nashville Predators in five games. The Wings are done. But according to Brian Hedger of, it's still unclear whether their captain, Nicklas Lidstrom, is done for good after 20 NHL seasons.

"I try and push [it aside] during the regular season and even in the playoffs, but I get reminded by [the media] a lot," Lidstrom said yesterday. "You don't want that to become a distraction to the team or to myself. I push that aside."

Lidstrom had a productive season at 41, posting 11 goals and 23 assists for a Red Wings team that earned a No. 5 playoff seed. Despite the Wings' disappointing playoff run, he remains focused on the game.

"[I] never thought [in the last few seconds] that this was going to be my last game," said Lidstrom, who turns 42 on Saturday. "I didn't get into those thoughts at all."

So far, the Wings' legend isn't making any promises, but his team absolutely wants to see him stick around for at least one more season.

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