Stanley Cup Finals: Kings email tells Devils of Game 6 payback

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The Los Angeles Kings already accidentally told the New Jersey Devils and Martin Brodeur of their Game 6 plan. (Getty Images)


The Los Angeles Kings organization was so miffed about getting stats late in the intermissions of Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals that they intended to pull a similar stunt in Game 6 against the New Jersey Devils.

Problem is, they inadvertently already told the Devils of that plan before the start of the game. The Los Angeles Times details the accidental email the Kings sent around to the media:

"Jersey PR (whether it was their fault or not) didn’t get stats to our locker room until about two minutes left in the intermission. Our coaches were not happy about this. So we are going to do the same to them tomorrow.

"So unless you hear otherwise from me make sure their locker room does NOT get stats UNTIL about two minutes left to go in the intermission. Even if you literally have to eye the clock and wait. If they ask what’s taking so long just tell them our copy machines are down."