Bruins goalie Tim Thomas waves no-trade clause

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Bruins goalie Tim Thomas waved his no-trade clause. Thomas said he planned to sit out next season. (Brian Babineau/NHL/Getty Images)


Boston Bruins goalie Tim Thomas waived his no-trade clause Friday, according to, leaving open the possibility to come back and play. Thomas said last month that he planned on taking next year off.

Under the current rules, Thomas would count $5 million against the salary cap and the Bruins would not need to pay his $3 million salary if he decides to indeed sit out the year.

The Bruins could trade him from a draft pick because he waived his no-trade clause before July 1.

"He has given me a complete waiver of his no-trade clause," general manager Peter Chiarelli said. "He gave this to me a week and a half ago. In that sense, he's being cooperative if we do decide to trade him. It may not make much of a difference because the no-trade clause is gone at the end of the month."