By Tim Polzer
October 01, 2012

The National Hockey League will begin canceling regular-season games by Wednesday according to a report from Howard Berger.

That’s the word I got late Saturday from a league source. Exactly how many games the league might initially chop isn’t clear, but a two-week block of the schedule is likely to vanish. Nor is it entirely clear how – or if – the games will be made up. That depends solely on the duration of the owners’ lock-out.

The 2012-13 regular season is set to begin a week Thursday (Oct. 11) on four fronts: Montreal, Philadelphia, Calgary and Colorado. Wednesday would be eight days before the opening matches, providing scant time for the 30 NHL teams to summon players from Europe and conduct even minimal training camps. So, the games – in essence – have already been scrapped.

Similar reports began filling Twitter Monday morning.

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