By Brian Kotloff
November 21, 2012

The NHL and its players association have reportedly made progress toward ending the league's 67-day lockout during their meetings in New York on Wednesday.

The NHLPA proposed a five-year deal that would set Dec. 1 as the start date to a 68-game season, according to The Globe and Mail's James Mirtle. NHLPA executive director Donald Fehr estimated that there is a $182 million gap between the players' latest offer and the NHL's last offer.

An integral part of the players’ proposal is $391-million in “make whole” money over the five years, which is substantially more than the $211-million the owners last had on the table but less than the $592-million the NHLPA had previously asked for.

Included was a proposal by the union on eliminating heavily front-loaded contracts, the only element of contract rights the NHLPA included in its offer.

Fehr also said the players’ proposal for the first time deals in percentages as opposed to a guaranteed share.

“About as good as we can do,” Fehr told reporters in attendance.

The decision in now in the league's hands, and its response is expected to come at 1 p.m. Wednesday afternoon.'s Pierre LeBrun tweeted the following quote from Rangers star Brad Richards.

The Globe and Mail provided full details of the proposal. Several reporters, including's Tim Panaccio, raised doubts about the accuracy of Fehr's estimate.

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