Juventus loss to Atletico Madrid 2–0 in the first leg of a Champions League round-of-16 match. Cristiano Ronaldo is still a five-time tournament winner.

By Kaelen Jones
February 20, 2019

There comes a point in every five-time UEFA Champions League winner's life when they must remind the world that they are, in fact, a five-time UEFA Champions League winner. For Cristiano Ronaldo, that day was Wednesday, when his Juventus side conceded a lead to Atlético Madrid during the first leg of a round-of-16 match.

Juventus would go on to lose the match 2–0, pitting Ronaldo & Co. in a hole entering the second leg of the matchup. However, following Wednesday's defeat, he appeared unfazed (or passive-aggressively upset).

As Ronaldo passed by media, he apparently said, "I've got five Champions Leagues, Atléti have none."

As if Atléti manager Diego Simeone's provocative goal celebration wasn't enough, Ronaldo's postgame comments set the stage for the return leg of the draw with some flare. Perhaps it's sometimes easier for the greats to simply remind us of their greatness in the midst of dire times. Just ask Kobe Bryant, who became a GIF icon when he responded to a heckler by counting out how many titles he won during his NBA career with his fingers.

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