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The FIFA 22 Official Liverpool Ratings Have Been Released! Here’s What We Think.

Providing a lighter look at FIFA 22 and Liverpool's ratings, I immerse myself into the spirit of my younger self to analyse and scrutinise Liverpool FC's ratings. Am I mad that Heung Min-Son is rated the same as Mohamed Salah? Well I guess you'll have to find out.

Yes, it is that time of year again, the annual meltdown surrounding FIFA ratings, the FIFA 22 edition. Whilst these fictional statistics mean absolutely nothing, it is truly amazing to witness the impact they have upon football fans all around world of football. 

I, for one, used to fall into this trap, often overthinking what psychological impact a rating would have upon a player’s real-life confidence. Now, I simply take enjoyment from scrolling the twitter timeline to bear witness to fan breakdowns over their favourite player receiving a rating that does not match up to their ability. 

In fairness however, I am genuinely curious as to how Heung Min-Son has managed himself the same rating as Mohamed Salah, whilst the South Korean is undoubtedly a world class talent, I think we can all agree that he is not at the extraordinary footballing level of our Egyptian King.

Mohamed Salah

Anyhow, I feel that the Salah rating alone has reignited enough of a fire within me to question, what I am sure, will be ridiculously low Liverpool ratings!

The Overview

29 different Liverpool players feature in the FIFA 22 ratings, peaking at a rating of 89 and troughing at a rating of 57. I may have to start a petition calling for justice for Billy Koumetio and Morgan Boyes, who unfortunately bottom the Red’s rating list. Being a new signing, Ibrahima Konate has been awarded a ‘ones to watch’ card, which has potential to improve in accordance with the team and player real life performance. (Something I am sure we will see from Liverpool this season).

It comes to no surprise that Mo Salah is the first Red to receive a Team of The Week card in game week 1 as a reward for his brilliant performances against Crystal Palace Ac Milan. 

20 members of the Liverpool squad have Gold rated cards, 7 are rated Silver and as mentioned, 2 receive Bronze cards. 14 of the Redmen are rated 80 or above, and given what seems to be a ratings tone down this year by EA Sports, this signifies a strong squad within the game, should you want to play as the team in Kick Off or Seasons.

I mean, either way, why would you even be tempted to play as anyone else but the mighty Reds. The appeal of an all 91+ rated forward line at PSG surely cannot match the thrill a Trent Alexander-Arnold free kick produces. 

Having said this, I am just happy that Liverpool have a usable squad. I almost feel like I should remain ever grateful for the position we find our football club in having spent many a year in the 2010's with a below par squad.


Stand Out Players

Liverpool possess four of the best twenty-two rated players in FIFA 22. Sadio Mane, Mo Salah, Alisson and Virgil Van Dijk all clock in at a rating of 89. The same four players were all rated at 90 in the previous edition of FIFA, so in fact it represents a slight downgrade in Liverpool’s ratings. 

Whilst I can understand Alisson and Mane’s downgrade due to uneasy seasons last year, Van Dijk to me, remains the best centre-back in the world and Mohamed Salah had an incredible season last year not worthy of a downgrade. For me, both of these men should have at least been 91 rated. Is Neymar really better than Mo Salah? I'll leave that up to you, the punters. 

What EA do know, is their fullbacks. Alexander-Arnold and Andrew Robertson remain the best rated fullbacks in the game, both coming in at a tasty 87. This is an accurate representation of their status as the undisputed world’s best right and left back.

Curtis Jones Tyler Morton Norwich

Harshly Rated

There are a fair few players that I believe to be harshly rated in the Liverpool squad this coming FIFA. Whilst it may be a consequence of a rating tone down across the board, some ratings still leave me fairly baffled.

Jordan Henderson has dropped two ratings to an 84. For me, there is no justification for this as he remains one of the most effective midfielders in European football. Moreover, the best defensive midfielder in the world, Fabinho, has also been downgraded from an 87 to an 86. 

Considering that Casemiro boasts a rating of 89, I would have expected Fabinho also to be rated an 89 as well. I guess it runs in tandem with the abysmal sense I feel that Fabinho is criminally underrated by those outside of the Liverpool circle. This is an opinion that needs to change, and change now it must. 


Naby Keita should also feel a sense of injustice, being demoted once more to an 80 rated player. Although he has not hit the heights expected at Anfield, on his day, he certainly is one of the most influential midfielders in the league and not on a par with Scott McTominay. (It's only a game Omer, do not get triggered)

Joel Matip remains an 83 rated player despite many believing him to be a top five centre-back in the Premier League, an opinion I am also fond of.

Despite an increase of nine rating points, Curtis Jones can feel harshly done by his 73 rated silver card. His breakthrough season last year felt to be enough to earn himself a drastic upgrade from a bronze to a gold, especially considering fellow countrymen Eberechi Eze (rated 77) and Emile Smith-Rowe (rated 76) delivered similar performances in the 2020/21 season as well. 

Naby Keita

So, will the young scouser use this shocking rating as the fuel needed to produce enough in the next few months to earn himself a winter upgrade? He most likely does not care, but what he will do, is perform for Liverpool this year, I am sure. 

A man I do feel will earn himself a winter upgrade is Kostas Tsimikas. Demoted two ratings to a 74 rated silver, his performances already this season have demonstrated his fine quality. I understand EA’s decision to downgrade him after a pretty rough debut season. However, it seems the pacey left-back has enough quality to become a gold card by January. For now, alongside the likes of Jones and Harvey Elliott, he remains a silver star!

Who knows, the silver players may not become redundant and EA might completely revamp their game by making it fun to use silver cards once more! The days of Gabby Agbonlahor and Christian Benteke spearheading an all-silver team leaves a sweet taste of nostalgia amongst all cultured FIFA players who yearn to live their best ultimate team days again through the spirit of silver. So, do not sleep on the silver Redmen just yet.

Kostas Tsimikas

To Conclude

I guess that wasn’t too bad. Forgive me for my tongue in cheek nature in this article, I am genuinely excited about playing FIFA 22 this year despite the apparent tone of sarcasm above. 

Despite a dip in ratings across the board, as expected when you go from being champions to fourth place. Liverpool FC still boasts one of the finest squads in FIFA 22. Whether you want to play online or offline, this squad seems fun and one that I would certainly suggest playing as ahead of all those unnecessary super teams. 

Just don’t play as Manchester United and you will be fine.

Keep tuned for future FIFA articles as I provide you with the tips and analysis on all things Liverpool. I will focus upon overpowered players, new cards and potential bargains to set you in good stead for the ultimate team grind. Be like Diogo Jota and don’t buy your team, instead I suggest you to build it up from scratch, because to me, that is really fun and kind of the Liverpool way, isn’t it?

Below you can find a list of all Liverpool players in FIFA 22: