Jimbo Fisher pointing to a bat he'd previously killed ... probably.
Rob Carr/Getty
By Martin Rickman
August 08, 2014

Jimbo Fisher talks fast. I guess Jimbo Fisher moves fast too. The Florida State head coach apparently killed a bat at before practice on Friday, but it's not immediately known if the action was ritualistic or not.

A witness to the scene said, "I'm not a bat doctor but yeah he didn't move once snaked."

I have a few questions. 

  • Does Jimbo Fisher acquire the skills and powers of said bat?
  • Does Jimbo Fisher kill bats often?
  • What will PETA have to say about this? (PETA most certainly will have something to say about this.)
  • What other animals can Jimbo Fisher trap with his hands?
  • Are there any other animals in Florida State's indoor practice facility?
  • Like, are armadillos there or snakes or something?
  • Does Florida State have a bat cemetery like its sod cemetery?
  • Could the bat beat Wake Forest?
  • Could Florida State's second unit beat a team of bats by at least four scores?
  • Do all the bats at Florida State have to be five-star bats?

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