Ferguson among impressive Hot 11 at Rivals Five-Star Showdown

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The stars came out to shine on Friday night at the Annapolis Area Christian Academy in Severn. Md., at the Rivals.com Five-Star Showdown run by nationally recognized trainer Joe Haden. Led by potential Rivals.com five-star defensive end J.R. Ferguson, plenty of prospects put on a show.

Here's a closer look at the Five-Star Showdown Hot 11, listed in alphabetical order:

Assets: Cosh boasts a super strong arm and can make any throw. He has a good release and the ball comes out quickly. He also doesn't let his long ball hang, as almost everything he throws is on a line.

Areas for improvement: Cosh needs to throw the ball with more touch and not try to throw it through a wall every time. He can fit the ball in any place he wants, but he needs to take a bit off on shorter passes, especially to running backs out of the backfield, and he could use a little more air under his long ball.

What impressed at camp: Cosh's arm strength was clearly impressive, and it's something you can't coach. He has a rocket for an arm and his accuracy isn't bad despite gunning every pass.

Conclusion: If he learns to take something off the ball more often and adds touch to his game, he could be a real surprise for someone in college because he has all the other tools.

Assets: Has great feet and agility for a big man and a great motor.

Areas for improvement: Can lose his balance and lunges too often when trying to elude linemen who extend their arms. Needs to add muscle.

What impressed at camp: His array of pass-rushing moves was very impressive. He's clearly well coached and his burst off the snap was well above average. His feet are so quick and his agility is outstanding.

Conclusion: Ferguson is already an elite pass rusher who will only get better once he sculpts his body and adds strength. You can't teach his energy level, motor, quickness and agility.

Assets: Very athletic and strong and is clearly a weight room warrior. Has excellent sideline-to-sideline speed.

What impressed at camp: His physical attributes -- long arms, strong upper body, quickness -- stood out as well as his eagerness to compete and leadership ability.

Conclusion: Forbes is an elite linebacker with excellent speed and strength who could play any linebacker position if he adds an inch or two of height. At worst he's a potentially dominant weakside linebacker with the ability to blitz and cover.

Assets: His speed and burst jump out at you. He's fast and looks effortless when running. He's also very athletic and versatile, able to play many positions at the next level.

Areas for improvement:Furman is raw and is just learning how to use his athletic skills. He has good-but-not-great hands and doesn't know much about route-running out of the backfield yet.

What impressed at camp: His effortless, galloping running style that simply outdistanced everyone who tried to cover him. You can't teach his combination of size and speed and he runs low despite being a bit tall for a tailback -- a good habit.

Conclusion: Furman is likely a linebacker or big safety at the next level but he impressed at running back as well. He's a player you offer based on his athleticism and figure out what he is later on as he continues to develop.

Assets: His bloodlines (brothers are both high-level D-I prospects) and quickness and change of direction. He's a blanket in coverage and has great hips. He's also very adept at playing the ball in the air on defense and getting his head around.

Areas for improvement: Haden needs to get bigger and add more weight. He's sometimes be in great position to make a play but just misses.

What impressed at camp: He is so much more fluid now than he was a year ago and he has found a home at defensive back whereas at one time it looked like he'd end up as an undersized linebacker. His ability to cover and turn and run with speedy wide outs is impressive.

Conclusion: Haden has a lot to live up to being compared to his older brothers (Joe is a starting corner at Florida and Josh is the starting running back at Boston College) but it's clear that the light has gone on and he is reaching the same elite level they reached before and during their senior years.

Assets: Has a great frame, very quick feet and is a high-energy player who doesn't back down from a challenge. He anchors very well and has a very strong lower body and is athletic for a big man.

Areas for improvement: Kouandjio sometimes tends to reach and get off balance and when he tries to be overly aggressive against speedy defensive linemen, he can get beaten to the outside. He needs to be a consistent knee bender rather than bend at the waist and reach.

What impressed at camp: He was one of the best lineman on the offensive and defensive side of things, showing his versatility, and he had the best feet of anyone short of Ferguson.

Conclusion: Kouandjio has the frame and feet to be a left tackle at the next level, and a very good one at that. He's agile with light feet, works hard and doesn't shy away from contact. If he learns to stop reaching and keep his balance better, he'll be a very good pass protector.

Assets: Pearson is a mauler who isn't afraid to get physical and doesn't tire. Once he anchors and sets himself, he won't be moved easily and he uses his arms very well to lock up opponents. He's also surprisingly quick and recovers well even when he gets off balance.

Areas for improvement: He's a bit raw still and if he makes a false step or allows the pass rusher to get him off balance, he can be beaten with speed. He's better at allowing the pass rusher to get to him and needs to be more aggressive off the snap and show a punch.

What impressed at camp: He came out of nowhere and went against some elite talent and not only held his own but dominated at times. He doesn't give an inch, plays with excellent leverage and can't be moved easily once he sets his feet. He was the biggest surprise of the camp.

Conclusion: Pearson is a D-I interior linemen for sure based on how he handled top level competition at an event where defensive linemen have a huge advantage. He also didn't tire despite the amazing number of reps he took and beat everyone at least once.

Assets: Scott is versatile and very quick. He has excellent ball skills, runs very good routes and has all the attributes to be an excellent defensive back as well. Versatility, quickness and ball skills make Scott a solid prospect.

Areas for improvement: While he measured in at 6-0 and 172 pounds, he looks smaller and needs to get bigger and stronger to make an impact in college on defense and offense. That's the biggest knock against Scott, but he also needs to get faster. He's football quick but not breakaway fast and as a smallish slot receiver or cornerback, he needs to be faster.

What impressed at camp: Scott was smooth in everything he did, whether it was going through drills as a defensive back or taking reps on offense and defense. He is a complete player and well coached with good football instincts.

Conclusion: Scott has four D-I offers and will likely end up with twice as many for the reasons above. I think his future is at cornerback unless he goes to a team with a spread offense with plenty of four wide out sets.

Assets:Williams has great speed and is a blur when he gets going. He gets in and out of his breaks so quickly that he keeps defenders off balance and he can cut on a dime.

Areas for improvement: He needs to get stronger and can struggle if a linebacker gets his hands on him off the line of scrimmage. He needs to show more consistency in his route-running and hands.

What impressed at camp: He was the quickest back when it comes to cutting and changing direction and he can't be covered one-on-one by linebacker sif they give him any space. He seems to have an extra gear he can go to at any time.

Conclusion: Williams is the perfect back for a spread offense where he can work in space and catch the ball out of the backfield. He's not an every down back, but has the kind of versatility that would allow him to play out of the backfield or in the slot.

Assets: Young has great hips, an effortless backpedal and he changes direction very well. He also has excellent size for a cornerback and is adept at off coverage and breaking on the ball.

Areas for improvement: Young needs to get his head around on the football a tick quicker and needs to utilize his ball skills a bit better. He needs to continue to get faster to make up ground when wide outs get a step on him.

What impressed at camp: Young played press coverage as well as off and was very physical at the camp. He's a fluid athlete who makes things look easy and has the kind of footwork and hips that cornerbacks would kill for.

Conclusion: He's an elite cornerback at the next level with good size, agility, athletic ability, feet and hips. As he continues to get more physical, his stock will continue to rise.

Assets: Young has a strong arm, is very accurate and shows good footwork getting into his drops. He has a good delivery and gets the football out of his hands in a timely manner.

Areas for improvement: He needs to add a lot of size and strength to be durable at the next level and he can sometimes aim the ball rather than just cut loose and throw it. He also tends to throw behind receivers at times when he doesn't step into his throw properly.

What impressed at camp: Young was the guy everyone seemed to want throwing them the football and his accuracy was impressive. He showed very good touch on longer passes and good zip on the intermediate routes. He also didn't wear down despite throwing over 100 passes.

Conclusion: His size is a question mark at the next level but not his ability. If he were a couple of inches taller and 20 pounds heavier, he'd have 30 offers. Can he hold up to the punishment in college? Time will tell, but he has that swagger and confidence that makes you think he can.