Butler is Too Big, Yo

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Gordon Hayward

Gordon Hayward and fifth-seeded Butler face 12th-seeded UTEP in the first round of the NCAA tournament. (John W. McDonough/SI)

Mid-Majority's Twitter feed alerted me to a hip-hop track from one of the last All-America candidates I expected to be rapping: Butler's Gordon Hayward. He goes by "G-Time" in this song, which was apparently recorded with some friends last week and then "released" on Facebook.

If UTEP wasn't already quivering in fear over what Hayward might do to them in San Jose, well, they should take heed of what he throws down at the 1:49 mark -- he's the third of three rappers -- in the soon-to-be smash hit Too Big Yo:

(UPDATE: The track got so big [yo] that it was taken off of YouTube ... but Kyle Whelliston came the rescue and posted his saved copy at Mid-Majority on Tuesday evening. Go there to listen to it in its full glory. On to the lyrics ...)

Yo, yo, the name's G-Time

Big frame, big game, call me big time

Ball hard every night and day

From the 'Burg I rep it in a big way

Come too close I'll hit you with the blow-by

Straight to the rim I'm just too high

Stay back and I'll hit the J

Try to stop me there's just no waaaay

But it's not about me, it's about the team

Going to the tourney with a full head of steam

'Chip's real close, it's at our back door

Get a few dubs we'll be in the Final Four

Not stopping there, that's not in store

Push it to the limit we want more

The 'Burg Hayward references is his hometown. This is the kind of hilariously non-controversial rap you get out of Brownsburg, Ind. -- as opposed to say, what you get out of Brownsville, N.Y.: GZA's Liquid Swords. (Watch out for explicit language in that one.)


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