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The New Orleans Scene (Jimmertime!)

Jimmer Fredette

The Jimmer (looking back) is a rock star in Provo, but not New Orleans. (Bob Rosato/SI)

NEW ORLEANS -- Greetings from practice day in the Big Easy, a city with so many distractions that The Jimmer's arrival hardly registers on the radar. Few fans showed up for the free workouts, and one of those who did was passed out for most of BYU's shootaround.

Sleepy Dude

The Sports Arena, the home of the Hornets, is Hipstamatic-friendly:


I took a minute and a half of Jimmer video, including him telling Reggie Miller about learning to "break ankles" by watching old New York guards like Sebastian Telfair.

[wpvideo siQq4n6C w=590]

Hispstamatic Jimmer:

Jimmer Fredette

Curious how SI captured this week's cover shot of Fredette? It was taken with a remote camera mounted at the base of a press row table. And this -- from our correspondent in Anaheim, Rebecca Shore -- is how we protect those cameras:

SI Photo