Epic Mitch McGary Photobomb Of John Beilein's Triumphant Moment

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It was John Beilein's crowning moment. A tremendous tactician who started at the high school level, and went through junior college, two Division II jobs and now four Division I gigs, Beilein was standing atop a ladder, holding a net, heading to his first Final Four.

It was a picture every head coach dreams about. And it was epically photobombed by breakout freshman star Mitch McGary.

McGary, seen in the photo wide-eyed and apparently screaming at his phone (bottom left, below), was actually FaceTime chatting with former Michigan player Zack Novak (@novak3159). Novak confirmed this on Twitter afterward. When asked what he and McGary were saying to each other, Novak gave the following response:

Freshman Mitch McGary (bottom left) became a main character in his coach's defining moment. (Andy Glockner/SI)

Andy Glockner