Kendrick Lamar elevates the game ... of #midmajorrapnames

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Kendrick Lamar emerged as a Twitter icon Monday night as word spread of his (pick an adjective anywhere between landmark and overhyped) verse on Big Sean's "Control" where he (pick a verb anywhere between called out and motivated) fellow rappers while proclaiming himself to be King of New York (or somesuch). Maybe I don't get (insert a number between 80 and 99) percent of why many people are buzzing about Lamar's turns-of-phrase, but I can say this: His stanza is only the second-best Lamar diss track of this decade.

In the process of trying to understand the magnitude of Lamar's braggadocio a day later, there was one aspect of the discussion that resonated with me.

And, because I have the best group of Twitter followers ever, a few minutes later spawned the start of #midmajorrapnames, which predictably became more and more spectacular as additional folks chimed in. Check my mentions at @AndyGlockner for the full frivoility, but here are my 10 favorites so far, in no particular order:

1) Florida Gulf Coastface Killah (Or Flo Rida Gulf Coast, if you prefer)

2) Fat St. Joe's and the (Wofford or Boston U.) Terrier Squad

3) Gucci Maine

4) Young Bucknell

5) Big Daddy Duquesne

6) Obie Rice

7) Prairie View-Tang Clan

8) Brown Thugs & Harmony

9) A Tribe Called Quinnipiac

10) Akonzaga