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Which is the better Flipping Cheerleader 3, Washington State or William Carey?

Sometimes, a story doesn't need much telling. In today's case, all you need to know is "Wazzu cheerleader, 70 feet away, backflip, bang."

Video evidence above (h/t @collegespun)

Now, this isn't the place for snarky jokes about how the Cougars' real players can't do any worse trying to shoot threes like this. They shot a decent-enough 34.7 percent as a team last season from behind the arc. It was really on the defensive side of the ball that the Cougs struggled, and defending the arc with backflips probably isn't efficient, even for a last-place Pac-12 team.

The real question is whether this is even the best flipping cheerleader shot of 2013. Ohhhhh, you forgot about the William Carey half-court, front flip with a pick-up of the ball in mid-flip?