After Syracuse falters, Florida and Wichita State jockey for No. 1

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Identifying the most likely national champ gets more difficult by the week, and after a night where No. 1 Syracuse melted down at home against 7-18 Boston College, No. 2 Florida avoided a home upset only because 12-11 Auburn melted down in the final seconds, and No. 4 Arizona needed overtime to get out of Utah with a W, it didn't get any easier. The debate over which team deserves to be ranked No. 1, though ... that's something I can handle. It's not 28-0 Wichita State, which is romping through the worst Missouri Valley Conference in years. It's Florida, which is on an 18-game winning streak, is dominating a major conference, is 17-0 when it has its full rotation available, and ranks seven spots higher in adjusted efficiency than do the Shockers.

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The "I'm too confused to rank you due to all of these injuries" temporary holding spot: Michigan State.

17. Iowa. 18. UConn, 19. Kentucky. 20. UCLA, 21. Ohio State, 22. Texas, 23. North Carolina, 24. Memphis, 25. SMU, 26. VCU, 27. New Mexico, 28. Kansas State , 29. Pittsburgh, 30. George Washington, 31. Gonzaga, 32. Arizona State