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Washington State Player Gets Community Service Award For Completing Court-Mandated Hours

Tago had to do 240 hours of community service per the terms of a plea bargain after he was charged with felony robbery. 

Washington State defensive lineman Logan Tago recently was named the recipient of the Fall 2017 Community Involvement Award, which is given out by the university's Center for Civic Engagement. From Washington State's press release, Tago seems like a perfectly worthy winner—he completed 240 hours of community service around the City of Pullman and Palouse communities. 

The press release conveniently did not mention Tago was literally ordered by a court to do that community service as part of a plea bargain he accepted to avoid a felony robbery conviction. 

Back in 2016, Tago, then 19, was arrested and charged with second degree felony robbery and fourth degree assault after he punched a man in the head and stole a six pack of beer from him. Per the Seattle Times, the victim told police that Tago's punch left him concussed. Tago accepted a plea bargain and his charge was lowered to third-degree assault—not a felony—and he was ordered to spend 30 days in jail and do 240 hours of community service. 

Perhaps Tago really wanted to do the community service and would have even without the court's order. But it's more than a little fishy that he's given the award for completing 240 hours, the exact same amount of time the court mandated. Not an hour more, not an hour less. 

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Hat tip to Deadspin for this remarkable find.