November Recruiting Wrap: Looking at the Ole Miss Class with Signing Day Looming

Ole Miss recruiting has, to this point, been immune to the wave of decommitments of happening over prior weeks. Here's where this Ole Miss Class of 2021 stands with just weeks between us and national signing day.
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It's decommitment season across the nation, but for now the Ole Miss recruiting class of 2021 has been spared from the swarm of decommitments sweeping college football. 

It hasn't been a super productive month in Oxford as far as commitments go (they didn't land one), but with dozens of top recruits from around the state and nation deccommiting over the past week, it's got to be seen as a positive that the Rebels are, to this point, immune to that bug. 

The Rebels are in the process of attempting to flip a few high-quality players (see later Altmyer, Trigg, Reese) and a few other potential future stars recently decommitted from other SEC programs are are now re-considering Ole Miss (see later McGhee, Lewis).

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We're now just weeks away from the start of the early signing window on Dec. 16. The Ole Miss class sits at just 15 plays to this point, but it seems like they're headed in the right direction to land some more huge pieces. 

See below for a more thorough evaluation of the current commits, as well as others to keep an eye on the next few weeks. Click any player name for SI All-American highlights and evaluation. 

SI All-American Finalists, the nation's top-250 players, are bolded. 

New Commitments in November: 


Decommitment in November:


***UPDATE: since the publishing of this article, two members of the below committed class, Devin Lee and Drew Donley, both decommitted on Thursday Dec. 3***

Fifteen Hard Commits For The 2021 Class:

Targets That Recently Committed Elsewhere:

  • Bryson Nesbit (3-star TE, N.C.) – committed to UNC

Who Could Be Next? 

Flip Candidates:

  • Michael Trigg (SI All-American Finalist, 4-star TE, Fla.) – committed to USC
  • Albert Reese (SI All-American Candidate, 3-star OT, Canada) – committed to Rutgers

Other Remaining Uncommitted Targets:

  • Terrence Lewis (SI All-American Finalist, 5-star ILB, Fla.)**
  • Quenton Barnes (SI All-American Candidate, 4-star WR, Tenn.)
  • Antonio Harmon (SI All-American Candidate, 4-star WR, Miss.)
  • Damarius McGhee (SI All-American Candidate, 4-star CB, Fla.)**
  • Trevin Wallace (SI All-American Candidate, 4-star ILB, Ga.)
  • Alton McCaskill (SI All-American Candidate, 3-star RB, Tex.)
  • Jarquez Hunter (SI All-American Candidate, 3-star RB, Miss.)
  • Patrick Tukes (SI All-American Candidate, 3-star DT, Ga.)
  • Demarcus Smith (3-star DE, Ala.)
  • Ty Cooper (3-star DE, Miss.)
  • Jalen Williams (JUCO DT, Miss.)
  • JJ Henry (3-star WR, Tex.)
  • Jeremiah Crawford (3-star OT, Kan.)
  • Josiah Perryman (3-star OLB, Miss.)
  • Taleeq Robbins (3-star DT, Pa.)
  • Jerrell Boykins (3-star DT, La.)
  • Armon Bethea (3-star OG, N.Y.)
  • Isaiah Iton (JUCO DT, Kan.)

*recent decommitment from Florida State

**recent decommitment from Tennessee

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