SI Insider: Updates on the Zion Williamson-Gina Ford Lawsuit and Why Duke Should Be Worried

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The request for admission that was filed in Miami-Dade Circuit Court last week that came to light on Sunday regarding former Duke star, Zion Williamson, and the lawsuit he's embroiled in with his former agent, Gina Ford. 

It was an eye opener just for the sensational questions that it was asking. Very provocative questions. What sort of benefits Zion's parents, his mother and stepfather had received from people associated with Duke, with people associated with Nike, with people associated with Adidas and agents during his either high school years or his one season as a college basketball player. 

Now, a quest for admission doesn't necessarily prove anything. They could request that Zion Williamson prove that he's a unicorn. So this isn't necessarily a damning document, but it is a provocative one and one that ratchets up the stakes in this lawsuit.

It's been going on since Zion dropped Gina Ford as his representative and signed on with CAA, the huge agency that represents so many people in sports and in entertainment.

What this will mean for the NCAA going forward? Not sure. It just raises more questions, more smoke around Zion's one season at Duke. I think there's more and more reason to suspect at least that Zion was not a pure amateur at that time.

While I don't think most people care whether or not he was paid. They do care if Duke and Nike got away with something. While so many other schools have been hammered in the wake of the Southern District of New York investigation of college basketball and while Adidas also was hammered. So we will see whether this splash is any sort of mud on either the Blue Devils or on Nike going forward. But it certainly increases the stakes in this lawsuit between Gina Ford and Zion Williamson.

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