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SI Insider: College Football Is Not Untouched by Racial Issues Between Players and Coaches

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Racism is at the forefront of the American national conversation currently and in reaction to that a few coaches around the NCAA have already been suspended for using racial epithets and other forms of racism. 

Reverberations from what's been going on in America from a race standpoint have certainly not left college football untouched. And there were a couple of interesting developments over the weekend in that regard. One, former players started coming out from the University of Iowa, saying that strength coach Chris Doyle, the highest paid strength coach in the country at $800,00 a year, and a guy who's been with Kirk Ferentz, the longest tenured head coach in the country the entire time - was at best insensitive to minority athletes. 

At the same time or roughly the same time in Utah, defensive coordinator Morgan Scalley, who'd been considered a hot head coaching commodity in the offseason and could be the successor to Kyle Whittingham at that program. [Scalley] Came under fire for a text message that included a racial slur from 2013 that just became public knowledge. 

Both of those guys are suspended, Doyle and Scalley. Reviews are underway. And if a coach like Kirk Ferentz, who's as entrenched as anybody not named Nick Saban or Dabo Swinney in the country, can come under fire at this point, anybody can. If there are skeletons in your closet, if there's mistreatment, if there's bad language of black players or any players, really, this is a time when it's likely to come out and you better have some good answers when the questions start coming. We'll see where this goes. But an interesting reverberation from everything has been going on in America over the past couple of weeks.