Pac-12 to Meet Thursday to Decide on Possible Fall Football Season

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The Pac-12 is set to meet on Thursday to discuss the possibility of a fall football season.

According to Sports Illustrated’s Pat Forde, the Pac-12 presidents will meet to decide if they will reverse their initial decision of postponing the fall football season.  The conference is debating whether they will hold a six or seven-game season. If they decide to return to play for seven games the season would likely begin on October 31. If they opt for a six-game season the Pac-12 could push the start date back to November 7th.

Forde also reported that local governments are now "more willing to work with schools now." However, rapid COVID-19 testing still remains an important factor in the Pac-12's return this fall.

This news comes just one week after the Big Ten voted to change its initial decision and will start their shortened season on October 24th.