By Bryan Armen Graham
April 24, 2013

St Louis Blues v Nashville Predators John Russell/NHLI via Getty Images

Claude Giroux. Jonathan Toews. Patrick Kane. Brandon Yip. Unless we're talking about people who have never been in my kitchen, one of these names doesn't quite fit with the others. (Brandon Yip. I'm referring to Brandon Yip.) But because the rabble-rousers at anarchic Internet hangout 4chan are once again up to their old tricks, Yip may join those other three gentleman in the exclusive club of EA Sports NHL video game cover-guys.

For the second straight year, EA is allowing fans to vote for the player they want to see on the box of its popular game. Two players were nominated from each team, and Yip, a fifth-year right-winger, got one of Nashville's spots. The reasons for this are unclear: the 27-year-old Yip has logged just 29 goals and 27 assists total in five seasons with Colorado and Nashville. But he's a candidate for the cover, and now a growing number of 4channers are hell-bent on making his triumph a reality.


The post (click to enlarge), which hit 4chan on Monday, explains that the motivation isn't just amusement. Dissatisfaction with EA is high these days—it was recently named America's worst company for a second straight year on Consumerist—and trolling the cover vote is a way for aggrieved customers to gain a measure of revenge. Already the cause has given rise to a Facebook group, a Twitter feed and a hashtag, in addition to the impassioned pleas that have appeared on Reddit and other social sites. The post does acknowledge that the campaign "does not seem likely", but if the Internet can exile Pitbull to an Alaskan Walmart, surely it can #WinOneForTheYipper. Just think how happy it would make him.

brandon-yip-o Probably even happier than this.

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