By Brendan Maloy
November 20, 2013

(George Shamus/Getty Images)

Michigan State basketball had a sponsorship deal with Taco Bell since 2004 that granted a free taco to every ticket-holder when the Spartans scored more than 70 points in a win. That deal was not renewed this year, and the students were, unsurprisingly, upset.

When the chants of "WE WANT TACOS" in East Lansing fell on deaf ears, many students took to the internet to voice their displeasure, and in another triumph of the digital age, Taco Bell agreed on Wednesday to honor the promotion for the rest of the men's basketball season.

It's heartening to see a mom and pop, cash-strapped organization like Taco Bell keep this universally-beloved promotion going, despite it likely taking a big chunk out of their profits.



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