By Dan Treadway
February 12, 2014

Prior to their mens basketball team's Wednesday night showdown, the team managers of Duke and UNC faced off against one another at the Dean E. Smith Center on Tuesday in a game with little more on the line than bragging rights. But when you're talking about Duke and UNC, those bragging rights mean a whole lot.

In the video above, a member of UNC's team apparently flailed an elbow after grabbing a rebound, prompting a skirmish between the rival squads.

One can only assume the play was retribution for the hard foul Tyler Hansbrough took against Duke in 2007:

UNC's managers would win the game 38-33, a result that Duke's players unfortunately won't be able to hide from Coach K.

"He’ll figure it out. He knows everything. He already knows," Duke managers coach Mike Sotsky told the Duke Chronicle. “I don’t know who told him, but he does.”

That's kind of terrifying right?


The Duke Chronicle

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