By Dan Treadway
February 12, 2014

Lost Letterman has brought to our attention that the Syracuse athletic department is conducting one of the more impressive cash grabs in recent memory by selling 3"-5" pieces of the net used during the Orange's thrilling overtime win against Duke for $75.

Let me re-iterate, that's about 1/10th of a shoelace worth of net for $75.

Universities have begun making a habit of selling anything and everything that might theoretically have value to fans, as evidenced by Texas A&M and UT Austin recently selling off plots of grass from their football stadiums for a premium.

Granted this type of thing might appeal to most diehard of fans, but as college sports officials constantly try to rationalize not monetarily compensating their talent, overt evidence that school's are willing to do just about anything to make a buck for themselves can be construed as somewhat troubling.


Lost Letterman

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