Wednesday's P.M. Hot Clicks: Memorable Moments in Miniature Golf

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Memorable Moments In Miniature Golf

LSU coach Les Miles took his squad on a team trip to bowl and play miniature golf. And Miles, as this Vine demonstrates, is quite skilled with the putter. This motivated me to search through the photo archives for all the noteworthy mini-golf photos I could find, leading with the NBA's GOAT during his rookie season.

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World Cup News

Lionel Messi must have been excited about his photo gallery in yesterday's P.M. Hot Clicks as he scored two goals in Argentina's 3-2 victory over Nigeria ... Uruguay captain Diego Lugano thinks the supposed bite marks on the shoulder of Italy's Giorgio Chiellini are fake and that Luis Suarez is getting a bad rap ... USA soccer players Omar Gonzalez and Megan Rapinoe will appear nude in the ESPN Magazine Body Issue ... Brazilians are blaming Mick Jagger for Italy's early World Cup exit ... Nigeria's Michel Babtunde broke his arm after being hit by a teammate's shot in today's game.

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GQ > Boston Celtics

Kentucky forward Julius Randle opted out of a workout with the Celtics to "discuss style" for GQ.

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Lovely Lady Round-Up

Tom from Hoboken wrote in with a request for Ciara Price. After doing extensive research, I will honor his request ... Chiefs rookie QB Aaron Murray is a very lucky man ... Eliza Dushku finally broke up with Rick Fox (and Guyism celebrated with her best GIFs) ... Sarah Dumont remains criminally underrated.

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Clark Kent To Superman

How crazy was last night's 14-inning game between the Brewers and Nationals? A fan sitting in the front row started the game dressed like Clark Kent but was in full Superman mode by the end.

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The Coolest Celebrity on Instagram

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is Instagram's coolest celebrity, according to Rant Lifestyle. This photo (featuring three SI Swimsuit models) doesn't hurt their credebility.

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Play Luis Suarez Pac-Man

There is now a Pac-Man game starring Luis Suarez chomping down on Giorgio Chiellini heads while referees chase down Suarez.

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Odds and Ends

How your team will try (and fail) to land LeBron James this offseason ... Charlie Weis threw a football camp and barely anyone attended ... Here's a 10-foot high sand sculpture of the Phillie Phanatic ... A Native American group is suing the Cleveland Indians for $9 billion ... Dante Hall is a video game (especially in GIF form) ... Tyrone Lue is now the highest-paid assistant coach in NBA history ... The Miami Hurricanes turned their weight room into a rave ... The WWE released longtime announcer Josh Matthews ... The 10 cheapest U.S. states to live in ... Powdered caffeine is now a thing.

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Motivational Speech of the Day

Head coach Chris Michaelson of the Lingerie Football League's Seattle Mist lays into his team during a halftime speech. You'll want to put your headphones on for this one.

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Motivational Speech of the Day, Part 2

Speaking of halftime speeches, here's Tim Tebow at halftime of the 2008 BCS Championship game against Oklahoma.

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What The Rock Says

Since I mentioned The Rock earlier, here are his best insults from his WWE days.