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There are apparently Chris Paul banana boat t-shirts, and Chris Paul owns one.

By Extra Mustard
October 10, 2015

Remember this summer when Los Angeles Clippers point guard Chris Paul went viral for sitting on a banana boat with LeBron James and Dwyane Wade?

Chris Paul sure does.

During the day of July 8th, which will forever be remembered for all its emojis featured on NBA Twitter accounts, Paul poked fun at the fact he was caught on the boat.

To take things a step further, though, he decided to advertise the occasion on his torso with a t-shirt.

The Clippers are getting set to play the Hornets in Shenzhen, China on Sunday, and the team captured Paul sporting an animation of himself on a banana boat while talking to teammate J.J. Redick.

That’s much cooler than the current Clippers logo.

- Kenny Ducey 

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